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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

::: New Hobby :::

Hey guys, i just learned new skill..haha, well, learning new skill is really useful in our life, in job advancement for instant..hehe. My old hobby (but still one of my hobbies) which is drawing, i still working on it in order to improve it. Previously, i dont know how to color my drawings. Besides, i even get affraid when its come to coloring session..lol. Just imagined, u've drew a good art already and when u colored it, its ruined...argghhh...tension indeed...i've attach several of my sketches here...look and see...:)

Well, this one i entitled it as hime, hime is princess in English. But i dont see any princess attribute in the drawing...haha, nah,,just pretend u see the attribute k. Ok, for this one, the character is based on my imagination, except for the outfit, i followed a bit ragnarok priestesses outfit..again...coloring is the matter here..thus no color given...;p

As for this one, i drew it based on request. Well, i got an account for Deviantart.com. Feels free, just visit mine http://wizardry27.deviantart.com. So, there was a friend who asked me to draw 3 different guys...so i made it..Alas, no color again...:(

However, as time passed by....finally, i know how to color my drawings..yay!!, not just that, i even know how to color it using adobe photoshop...hahaha...thank to the sifuu...:)
Below are several of the coloured drwings of mine...see the transformation..hikhik

So..these are the result...but still..need improvement..its still too early to be proud of my own ability..:)

oh yeah, lazy to type, so i just attached here my other skill. still relating to the creativity though, but this is editing pictures. Not to make it even faker, but just to style it...:)..see by urself la..:)

Well, these are some of my editing result...
give me your comment..:)


  1. ok la tu utk budak2 baru belajar mcm ko..
    kalau salah kita jolokkan..

  2. haha...itu mmg comment..tp cam mengucap juga tu kaka..adoih..jht ko..wkaaka